Most times i get to wonder,can we ever stop finding ourselves in yet another phase as we grow in life? Only a fool does not want to grow but i get to see the phobia for growth on the faces of people when they attain a level of transformation.

At graduation from the Universities, people are happy but search deep within, the fear of the unknown speaks louder than the volume of laughter that come from their lips.

So also, at the end of Youth Service, everyone is enthusiastic about being launched into greater glory but the fear of being jobless creeps in like a thief in the night without the personality having a stronghold on it.

Just recently, a colleague was laid off and I thought,  after the joy and jubilation of gaining  an awesome entrance into another phase another hope has been cast down.

As I grow from one phase to the other, I can not deny the fact that I have fears but trust me, the hatred i have got for poverty keeps me head-up and going.

I patiently await another phase but in this phase, i have promised myself not to look back at past mistakes and not to be tempted to surrender or slow down my pace with fears of the unknown.

I sincerely do make a positive difference everyday!