Life has a way of keeping us glued in a box-like life pattern. it tells some ‘truth’ that isn’t so sincere,considering the fact that ‘truth’ as a term is relative which means different things to different people.

It sells to us that we need to have a primary education to survive in this world of elites, it proceeds again by making statements like ‘to fit into this world of elites, you need a secondary education’. It not only stops there, it goes further by simplifying basically why we need a higher degree. After running through this roads without a stop point, it exclaims, ‘what are you still doing when your equals are pursuing second degrees’? Just when you think the journey has ended, you get an inspiration to go on to the peak.

As much as education has been painted on the walls of our perception, it is still very right to look out for things like vocations, enlightenment and especially purposes.

Asides seeing ourselves at the top  via education , it is still reasonable to consider other things, A routined kind of life is living a life that is not you.

Fashion out a pattern for life and don’t let life fashion a pattern for you!