Everyone wants to act the lead role in the drama yet no one wants to clear the stage or haul the equipments.Every human  hungers and thirst for greatness yet no one sincerely admits to this reality.

Some go by means of fake humility while some others play the Mr/Miss Nice, some even pose as activists but in utrue terms what they all long for is Position, Greatness, Recognition, etc.

Now this is not to exonerate myself from wanting or urging to be great but one thing I discovered early in life was that greatness simply is “serving my giftings and talents to others.

Deep within, Ifeel the definition of greatness be revisited and perhaps challenged especially in a society where all craves to lead others even when the do not possess ritght attributes or qualities to do so.

As we go on in the pursuance of our dreams and aspirations, lets always have it at the back of our minds that “he who desires to be great must first be willing to serve”