Just flipped through my electronic  diary and these were my exact words some months back, “Once in a lifetime we all experience things that elate and make us happy.It is however expedient to note that one’s diligence is very necessary.I do hope to make excellent use of this anyway.Lord help me.”

It just occurred to me to count my blessings and name them one by one and I have come to the realisation of the fact that I have been loaded with benefits. Though I feel there are many things I do not possess presently but now when I cry and lament about certain things I really do have a consolation ‘cos the All-sufficient who comes to my rescue is still not tired of my troubles.

It was just this time in May last year that I lost the taste and passion for  that one thing that was almost becoming a god in my life  but in all I have learnt to abound and to abase just like the great Apostle Paul…

Though a year now but I’m not sad neither am I bothered because I have come to learn that the best is not just yet to come but just around the corner and they come with no Price Tags.*sighs*

Words alone can’t elucidate my thoughts so I think in the mean time I will just go back to the serenity and succour my heart has to offer for the time being .