Its the second half of the year already and I have come to realise that I have not done badly with myself this year only that I have been a little hard.
Just few days ago, I was taking aback when I had to visit and party with Orphans.I got to realise how people in the pursuit of a better life (which they end up not getting) bring helpless children to the world and then abandon them to fate to take its course.
Even though I had to fight back tears from rolling,joy filled the hearts of these children as they were in high spirit and  were so grateful to be alive.
Atimes we do not know what we have till we lose them but do we have to wait till we actually lose them?
Like I always say,’words are few but thoughts are deep’-Friends,do all you can to stay positive while you are alive because you won’t live forever.

I am proud to be a friend of the community.

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