I learnt a lot of things few days back and I feel you – I mean the female folks should learn from it too. Nothing new but this is just a reminder.

Cleaniness is actually the paramount thing everyone should imbibe especially in the kitchen as this is the first measure to keeping the roaches away from your home.

Bathing:Daily bath routine should not just be “morning” only or “morning and night”, as ladies its cool you take your bath as many times as possible and do not go without roll on, perspirant,deodorant,body sprays, perfume,body gel…….

Brushing: This is another vital thing that we often take for granted, please always brush your tongue when brushing and the power of Mouthwash can not be over emphasized.

Shave regularly! This saves us from unnecessary sweating and all

Please watch ur outfit and endeavour to match right colours for right outings, so also, Iron your clothes from the back side as this helps in easing of the stress of ironing from the right side and leaving iron marks on your clothes.

When wearing white, no matter the lining, make do with a dark inner wear so what is private can remain private and not turn public.

Never wear what makes you uncomfortable especially ‘shoes’ ‘cos its not ideal or ladylike to wear shoes and pull your legs out intermittently and when under pressure, avoid the heels.

Learn to walk and raise your legs, do not shuffle your legs, take care of your feet by soaking in warm water at least once a week

Most importantly,get a good mirror and make sure you love what you see before leaving the house.

Learn to speak gently and softly,it works like magic. Use words like ‘sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ often.

Above all,Smile always.

Shally loves.