With time I have come to realise that when a guy says “I love you”, he means it. I know now you are thinking this must really be a stupid assumption but trust me,at the point or moment he says it, he means every single damn word in that simple sentence.

I really can not tell maybe it is because of their kinda make-up but they really get moved by what they see and want. I think it is safer to say they are moved by sight.

Love truly is both an action and a feeling which can either be temporal or permanent. Every person is therefore capable of great love whether you are white or black.

So if you find a guy that is confident enough to whisper it into your ears and say it to your face each passing day, Aint you lucky? Until we get to a point of realising that LOVE can be lost, We might never appreciate it even when it stares at us.

Keep loving and believing he loves you…


Shally cares!