It was just like an unending phase of my life that took like forever to end. Today makes it a year i finished youth service. Yeah, i know to some its not worth reflecting about but trust me evry day after we finally removed head gear, i waited patiently for one year post NYSC.

There were fears as at the time of passing out but i will be verycorrect to say that i have been very well favoured by God in one year. I remember my first day to camp vividly-i had to “jagamu”(the camp commandant’s way of making us slam our butts on the ground)lol… It was as though 3weeks should end at that very point. I also remember days of sleeping under cold rain and all. How could i ever forget my smart way of snicking to the OBS to escape punishment…lol…little did i know that the greatest was still going to come my way in Kogi.

Arriving at my place of primary assignment to hear that i was to be paid N500/per month was the worst moment of the whole year, my tears knew no bound as they srolled down my cheeks in total awe of how i was to serve my country for N500, i immediately opted for a no-payment term but was turned down.

Mehn, some girls really made my year. I never will forget the ever amiable Peace Akpan, Cheerful Seyi Arije, Piquant Sewande Amusu, Ever Mischevious Mercy Ominuta,Alarming Biola Kareem, Gentle but skilful Funmi Odebode, Motherly Sister Banks,Calm Anu Ogundipe amongst others.

On graduation from University, my friend once told me that “the friends you will end up keeping so closely are the once you meet at youth service”, though i never believed but time and chance proved that statement to be true. I still have friends from all phases of my life and i keep them close due to a nursery school rhyme i learnt that says :

“make new friends  but keep the old,cause one is silver and the other is gold”

I celebrate today knowing well that the best is yet to come…*winks*