Hello Peeps, i was on a project for a while and when i was over and done i felt a little unhappy, not because i did not do it well but because i would not be actively involved in the project again as i have moved on to other projects.

Through last year, i was in charge of charity and sponsorships at work and this helped me to discover my passion and love to help my society. Few months back, i shared a story of visiting an Orphanage, if  you missed it- here is the link- https://shalewaalli.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/reflections

Just few weeks back again, i was involved in the painting of a round about that was already in a “things fall apart” state. Staff of my organisation had to volunteer to do the painting ourselves, not because we couldnt outsource to a company to handle for us but the joy of doing it ourselves was what we wanted.

below are pictures of me and my colleagues giving back to our society:


I had fun peeps and trust me if you were in my shoes you would have enjoyed every moment.